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Santa’s On Top



Another master glassblower creation, Santa’s On Top will be a stand out on your tree. Its an example of two intricate steps, where first the Santa is blown into a mold, and then the disk and icicle underneath are free blown without a mold to guide the artisan. Just as in nature, no two are exactly alike. Made in Poland.

Visit our Meet the Artist page to learn about the renowned artist and founder of Heartfully Yours!

Each ornament is hand crafted by talented European artisans skilled in the old-world art of glassblowing and hand decoration and takes seven days to complete. View our video collection on how ornaments are made called “The Magic Behind the Sparkle” here.

Note: Due to the intricate nature of the handmade process, each ornament may have slight variations, making it a unique and one-of-a-kind piece.


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